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David on the Trinity

April 2, 2013

Who understands the Trinity? Jesus & God are almost the same as the Holy Spirit, so how can we even understand the Trinity, three persons in one & yet separate persons! The Holy Spirit is part of Jesus in a way, & yet she’s a separate personality! Because when you ask Jesus to come into your heart, who is it really?–It’s the Holy Spirit of Jesus! I mean, when you get into that stuff you’re splitting theological hairs which is the kind of stuff that the church got into & all messed up on trying to figure out every little detail!

… that’s what comes of solidifying your terminology & becoming dogmatic about some of these theological names & theological terms for certain events of the Bible, even names & terms that are not even in the Bible such as the “Trinity”. That word you cannot find in the Bible, neither can you find “rapture” & I don’t think you’ll find “second coming” or “first coming” either! If you start tying yourself down to some of those old traditional terms for some of these events, & confining yourself to certain set names for certain set events, you’re going to find yourself boxed in & limited to their theology & their interpretation of Bible, which leaves no room for anything else.

They’ve got it all cut & dried with no leeway for any other salvations, any other hells or any other comings or resurrections or raptures or saints or anything! They’ve got everything labeled in a set way, & as far as they’re concerned you can’t change them. And there’s one sure thing, you can’t change their minds or confuse them with the facts!–Their minds are made up! They’ve got their set interpretation, & that’s it! I’ve seldom ever heard one of them say, “so sorry I was mistaken, I was wrong, it’s not exactly the way I thought it was,” as I have sometimes said!–As I have sometimes confessed…

So it doesn’t pay to get yourself tied down to being too dogmatic & too set in your specifics, as you may later find out that your interpretation was mistaken, as I’ve sometimes discovered. Leave yourself open with an open mind that can be changed by the facts or the truth or the scriptures at a later date if necessary … We don’t want to get too dogmatic or too set in our interpretation that we can’t change our minds when the Lord shows us something different. (from ml 1526)

I don’t even believe in the Trinity. You can’t find that word in the Bible, so why should I believe it? But I believe in the Father and I believe in the Son, Jesus, and I believe in the Holy Ghost.

If you want to call it Trinity, all right, but I don’t believe in it in some ways, the way some over-emphasise and stress it, you know. (from ml 631)

There is only one place in the whole new testament that says about baptising in the name of the Father & of the Son & of the Holy Ghost. And they even claim that was inserted by the catholics, because in actual practice, all the way through the new testament & in the book of acts you will find they baptised in whose name?–They baptised in the name of Jesus… It didn’t mean that Jesus was Father or that there was no Holy Ghost, or that the Holy Ghost was just the Spirit of Christ. Well, of course, the Holy Ghost is the Spirit of Christ in a way, but they are still spoken of as three separate entities or personalities or persons, definitely. Jesus said, “I have to go away that the spirit, the comforter can come,” & so on… You can really get mixed up … –so watch out!– Don’t be led away from the simplicity of the gospel ( 2cor.11:3 ), the good news of God’ s love in Jesus! (from ml 1305)

The religious world has wasted centuries arguing & debating over such doctrinal differences, & the sad results are evident: a pitifully divided Christendom! The Baptists don’t agree with the Catholics, & the Catholics don’t agree with the Methodists, & the Methodists don’t agree with the Presbyterians, & the Presbyterians don’t agree with the Seventh-day adventists, etc., etc., etc.! Jesus told the scribes & the pharisees, “you blind guides! You strain at a gnat but swallow a camel!” ( Matthew 23:24 )–while straining at & arguing over tiny little gnat-like doctrinal differences, many have completely missed the main point of what being a Christian is really all about! (from ml 2245)

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