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The attraction of better preachers and churches

November 16, 2013
English: Inside Hillsong Church, Sydney

English: Inside Hillsong Church, Sydney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The early Christians had lots of holy ghost power, miracles, healings and so forth, but were still moored on the old religious system. It was these good old Jewish Christians who opposed Paul and his new ideas. When Paul rebuked Peter and the Jerusalem brethren, he never said Peter or James weren’t Christians, he only said that the Galatians didn’t need to be that type of Christians. He told them they were free and that if they were going to emulate the Jerusalem Christians they would be unnecessarily enslaving themselves.

The Jerusalem brethren could not see where they were bound, because they thought they were doing everything according to the Bible (Torah). Paul was pouring out a considerable amounts of new wine that was cutting through the old legalism. In the scheme of a progressive revelation, Paul’s Christians were ahead, freer and not encumbered by old ways, but that didn’t make them better than others. God did not love them better, nor did He use them while leaving the others out. He used everyone according to how much they let themselves be used by him.

If we were to judge the first Christians by today’s protestant theology they were all heretics. They knew nothing of the trinity, the two natures of Christ, our present Chirstology, the atonement and so forth. They were first and foremost Jews who had experienced the resurrected Messiah and that’s it. You might say that they were anointed heretics for whom God did lots of miracles. I think there is no DH or Abundance Gospel preacher who is malicious and doing things against Christ. I think they are all doing the best they can where God has placed them. They might in fact love Jesus more than you and I, and have better results. I cannot judge, but if I am a Galatian, I see no need to join the Jerusalem church, even if they have a better program and more miracles. All I see is the need to continue to move forward.

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