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July 19, 2018


My God, I thank you because you make

this heart (and of all those who love you)

not to fall asleep in common certainties,

by now surrendered to Your only evidence,

it is tired of all philosophies and theologies,

that like so much chatter do not allow it

to hear You in the silence.

A heart that You fitted to consume,

in its vibrant heat, every dogmatic injunction

and all the platitudes they blame on You,

as if You and not human stupidity had revealed them.

I thank You, that you make it a spectator

to all heresies accusing each other of heresy,

and made it wise enough not to participate.

You allow it to smile at silly concerns

for this and the other world.

I thank You, when you make nothing of my nothing and perceive Yourself in it

and contemplate Yourself in all my forms.

Lord, your mystery envelops me and floods me with tears,

and in You dissolves this imaginary stone of atoms.

Every moment that You grant is your moment

that inebriates every present, this alone is real.

Thank You for my nothing, the most precious thing You gave me,

they that fear it fear You and walk away from You, or merciful,

giving rise to vain certainties

that soon or late will disappear in their own illusion.

Oh truthful, harmony of all your states!

If the firefly that you put in my hands is so beautiful, a prelude of infinity,

then your light…..

Oh immense, my only God !!!


By Shah Nimatullah (1330-1431)

My apologies for the poor translation from an Italian version instead of the original.


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